Osteoarthritis (OA) is the joint inflammation caused by the breakdown and eventual loss of the cartilage, tissue between bones.

Healthy knee has the smooth surface of the cartilage (tissue on top of the bones) and knee cavity is filled and protected with healthy joint fluid. This allows the free movement without pain.

When OA affects the knee - the biggest joint in the human body, it causes problems in daily life and inability to move.

Osteoarthritis progresses as graduate loss of the cartilage cushion, friction between bones and damage of bone surface. Space between bones gets smaller and joint gets inflammated causing pain and immobility in patient.

The most common symptom of OA is the pain, while other symptoms include swelling, stiffness, warmth, and creaking of the affected joint(s). Pain and stiffness of the joints can occur after repetitive movements and also after long periods of inactivity (for example, sitting in front of TV).

There is no available cure for OA, but there are treatments to reduce the symptoms, such as: lifestyle changes, oral anti-inflammatory therapies, steroid injections, surgery and viscosupplementation. Based on health condition and patient's needs, doctors apply an appropriate therapy.