• VARIOVISC® is a new viscosupplement specifically designed to act as a young, healthy joint fluid in order to provide the long lasting pain relief and help the patient regain the physical mobility.

  • VARIOVISC® is a hyaluronic acid based hydrogel produced via bacterial biofermentation process.

  • VARIOVISC® has excellent elastic and viscous properties and can easily replace the fluid of synovial joint. It acts locally as a mechanical lubricant of the knee joint.

  • VARIOVISC® has 33 mg/ml final HA concentration (this means that 1 ml of gel contains 33 mg HA) and cross-linking rate up to 80%. Due to the highest concentration of HA and cross-linking rate among the available viscosupplements, it has the lasting effect up to 12 months.

    The properties of VARIOVISC® are based on an innovative monophasic particle technology (MPT) that slows down its enzymatic degradation in the body